10 ways to stay safe and improve your online shopping Safety

Online safety is a primary consideration when shopping over the internet. Thanks to online shopping platforms such as Ethio.com, shopping has never been more convenient. However, you need to be aware of the bad guys to maximize your online safety and shopping convenience. At Ethio.com, we’re committed to helping your keep safe while shopping from one of the leading online shopping sites in Ethiopia.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to stay safe online. Check out this basic guidelines and practical advice to help you keep safe and shop online with confidence.

Always Check the Address Bar

The address bar on the genuine Ethio site will read https://ethio.com. The first part of the web address will be highlighted green (https:) and a locked padlock icon before it.

Checking the address bar ensures that you don’t fall victim to duplicate sites out to steal your information. Bookmark Ethio.com on your favorite browser for an easier and safer online shopping experience.

Create Strong Passwords to Improve your online shopping safety

You must secure your Ethio.com account with a strong and unique password. Avoid using simple passwords such as ethio123 or James1234.

A strong password mixes capital and small letters, numbers, and special characters and is at least eight characters long. M$H@rlg8^6 is a strong password and impossible to crack.

Secure your Ethio.com account with a strong password and enhance your online shopping safety. 

Avoid Opening Spam Email

Spam emails are unsolicited emails with irresistible offers from unknown senders that direct you to click on a link to redeem an offer or get a steep discount. Unfortunately, the links often lead to phishing or duplicate websites where the hackers can harvest your personal information. NEVER open emails from unknown senders, and most importantly, NEVER click on the links in such emails.

Be Aware of Highly Enticing Offers

Think twice before clicking that juicy offer in your inbox, primarily if it originates from an unknown email address. Instead, fire up Ethio.com on your browser to check for genuine offers and promotions.

While Ethio.com will routinely send you offers and promotions, all our emails are sent through our official email addresses.

Never Reveal Your Personal Information

Ethio.com requires users to provide basic information such as your name, telephone number, home or business address. We’ll never ask you to provide your ID, passport, driving license numbers, or SSN. Be wary of emails requesting you to provide such information.

Secure Your Computer

Installing a valid antivirus program on your computer protects you against online threats. A decent antivirus detects malware, ransomware, viruses, spear-phishing emails, dubious sites, and helps fight spam. Continually update your anti-malware and antivirus tools since new threats emerge every day.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

On the surface, using free Wi-Fi in public spaces may seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi makes your PC and smartphone vulnerable to hackers and other criminal elements. These bad actors can access your computer and steal your private information. They can also infect your computer with ransomware or corrupt all your data. Never access your Ethio.com account from a public Wi-Fi to avoid being compromised.

Use the Ethio App

You can download the Ethio.com app from the Google Play Store for a seamless online shopping experience and added security. Typically, apps are much safer than websites because they’re impossible to duplicate and heavily encrypted. 

Choose Your Payment Methods Carefully

Always consider the level of protection each payment method offers when shopping online. For instance, credit cards are considerably safer than debit cards when shopping online. You have a better chance of recovering your money from fraudsters if you paid via credit card than a debit card. Alternatively, you can use third-party services such as Google Pay or mobile payment when making online payments. Third-party services let you settle your tab without providing your financial information to a merchant.

Ethio.com provides you with the option to pay on delivery when shopping for locally listed sellers. 

Always Check Your Bank and Card Statements

Check your statements for unauthorized purchases and activity. Hackers often target online shoppers and steal their financial information. Contact your credit card company or bank if you uncover unauthorized activity on your account.

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