is committed to providing a safe and pleasant online shopping experience for all its users. You consent to our fair use policy and safe conduct by using the platform. will not tolerate any abuse of our terms and conditions, including:

Sale of illegal goods and substances doesn’t condone nor support selling illicit or prohibited items on the platform. Any accounts that attempt to list such items shall be flagged, deactivated, and reported to the relevant authorities. Such users will be permanently banned from the platform.

Sale of firearms and other weapons users shall not list the sale of guns or any form of weapons. The platform shall ban and deactivate any accounts that attempt to list such items.

Sale of counterfeit products

Any attempt to list counterfeit or substandard products shall lead to a permanent ban from the platform. We encourage users to leave a review and report such fraudulent vendor accounts.

Multiple negative reviews reserves the right to ban and deactivate online stores with numerous negative reviews. We use buyer’s reviews to gauge a merchant’s conduct and fair use of the platform. Any vendor who consistently provides substandard customer experience shall be expelled from the online marketplace.

Fraudulent listings shall flag and deactivate any accounts suspected of fraudulent listings. Vendors are expected to use the platform to sell genuine products and services. Any attempt to scam and defraud users shall be dealt with quickly and firmly.

Dubious Job Listings will not condone any attempt to list dubious and non-existent jobs on the platform. Any attempt to fleece and scam jobseekers will be met with stern action. We advise jobseeker to flag and report accounts that list dubious and non-existent jobs on the platform. Users who try to fleece job seekers will be permanently banned from and reported to the relevant authorities. 

Reporting abuse users can report fraudulent accounts by calling or texting our customer service hotline – +251 11 1111111111. You can also flag the problematic account to report it to our moderators. You can also contact us on our social handles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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